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Flight Delay Compensation Claims are Valid on Any Delayed or Cancelled Flights Up To Six Years Ago!



Congratulations, you've landed at the Flight Delay Compensation website. Did you know that, under a European Union law called the Denied Boarding Regulation, you are entitled to compensation up to 600 Euros if your flight (to or from any EU airport) is delayed (for 3 hours or more) or cancelled, and that you can claim for any previous delays or cancellations right back as far as 6 years ago?

That means that anyone who has had a flight delayed or cancelled in the last six years can claim up to 600 Euros (over 500) for each time this has occurred! This also means that a huge number of people are set to gain from this new European law on flight delay compensation. So just complete the form on this page to start the simple application process.

Flights can be delayed or cancelled for any number of reasons. Some cynical travellers say that flights can be delayed because not enough passengers have booked to be on a particular aircraft to make that journey profitable for the airline, and so the flight is cancelled and the cancellation is then blamed on a spurious technical fault which never, in fact, existed. But, happily and for whatever the reason, a new EU law called the Denied Boarding Regulation, which covers both flight delays and cancellations, has been brought in to provide flight delay compensation for all the frustration and havoc that is caused by such events.

My own particular claim against an airline took place last summer when I booked a flight to see my mother who was hundreds of miles away. When I arrived at the airport I noticed immediately that the flight had been delayed by an hour. An hour later it was delayed by another hour, then another, and then cancelled altogether.

What was particularly annoying was that I had planned the journey meticulously and had even - as this was the first time I had taken this particular route - built in a contingency of about two hours between my flight landing and the final rail journey which would take me to my destination. My careful planning would have saved the first delay, and even the second, but not the nonsense that followed afterwards.

I was not best pleased. The airline (which will be nameless to protect the guilty) got short shrift from me and an entire day had to be written off as a disaster and a fiasco. I had a lot of time to spare so I visited Popular Puzzles for a couple of hours.

My flight delay compensation claim at least provided some recompense from that day, however, and I was so glad that I made that application as soon as I got home.

Flight delays and cancellations can have many knock-on effects which can continue well after the day the event took place. Such compensation rules not only help to ameliorate the delay or cancellation itself, but hopefully will persuade the various airlines to be more efficient and effective in both planning ahead and in their technical procedures.

The EU Denied Boarding Regulation law and its statutory powers should apply for many years, but some people have expressed concern that, in the wake of the UK's planned leaving of the EU, the law may no longer apply. Well, the law will be applicable for all cancelled and delayed flights, as described on this page, according to the EU's own legislation. It will probably take years for the UK to leave the EU, so the law will still apply until such time as so-called Brexit is enacted by Parliament.

Nevertheless, if you are concerned in any way about the issue of Brexit then it would probably be best if you applied for your rightful compensation now rather than later, just to be on the safe side.

By filling in the Flight Delay Compensation claim application form on this page you will have started that process, and your application will be locked in, whatever the politicians in Brussels or London get up to.

As you can see, the application requires very basic details, such as the departure and destination airports, the date of travel, the name of the airline or carrier, the flight number and booking reference. If you were not the only passenger to have been inconvenienced by the delay or cancellation then there is provision to add more people to the application, up to a maximum of ten.



Flight Delay Compensation Application Form

Please only apply if your flight was cancelled, re-routed or delayed by at least three hours

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Flight Delay Compensation Claim Guide

Most laws have their stumbling points, and people may be a little bit thrown by the legalese which is used, so here is a plain English guide to making a flight delay compensation claim. The EU directive which covers flight delay compensation applies to all flights made from any airport within the European Union to another airport. This is irrespective of the airline, or carrier, which is being used for that flight. It also applies to any and all flights from an airport which is outside the European Union which is bound for an airport within the European Union, as long as the carrier concerned is an EU airline (an airline which is licenced to operate in any EU state and authorised and recognised by all European Union member states).

It may be that the flight delay or cancellation that you are considering does not strictly fit within these guidelines. Or you may be in doubt as to whether your flight delay compensation claim is valid. Well, in any case it is best to make the claim application anyway by using the application form above, and the claim assessors will be able to determine the validity of all applications on an individual basis. In any case, there is nothing to lose by applying.

You are allowed to make a claim for flight delay compensation for every flight delay or cancellation that you have experienced over the last six years. In order to do so, simply complete the above form and click the 'Submit Form' button for each flight and start a new form for each flight delay or cancellation. It's as simple as that.


There is a scale of compensation which is covered in the new law and this is set out as shown below:

Short Haul Flight Delay Compensation

  • €250 (about£212) for any short haul flight delay compensation - 1,500 kilometres (932 miles);

Medium Haul Flight Delay Compensation

  • €400 (about£340) for any longer flight within the EU, and also for any medium haul flight delay compensation - 1,500 kilometres (932 miles) to 3,500 kilometres (2175 miles);

Long Haul Flight Delay Compensation

  • €600 (about £510) for any long haul flight delay compensation - over 3,500 kilometres (2175 miles).


For people making any claim it should also be noted that the amount of compensation is cut down to 50% of the above figures if the final arrival time is:

  • Less than two hours late for short haul flights;
  • Less than three hours late for medium haul flights;
  • Less than four hours late for long haul flights.

You're entitled for your claim, if successful (and over 95% usually are) to be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Some airlines may offer you a slightly different compensation settlement if you agree to be sent vouchers, in lieu of cash, to be offset for the cost of future flights with that specific airline. But they can only do that if you agree to these terms, which is why, in some cases, such vouchers are normally for a significantly larger sum than the cash alternative would be; and in any case, they can only issue you with such vouchers if you agree to this specifically. If you opt for the cash and they refuse to do that then they will be in breach of the new law.

The value of the Euro in relation to other currencies will change on a day to day basis. The above Euro to GBP rates are correct at the time of writing.




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